for the modern family

 At Nook, we believe there’s no time more important than this one: from the disorienting highs and lows of baby’s first year, the rapid-fire succession of toddler and preschool milestones, to your growth as a parent balancing family needs with your own. So we set out to elevate the standard for “family-friendly” by bringing world-class design, quality and intention to spaces where young families play, learn, and celebrate.



Our play spaces allow kids aged 0-5 to engage in play that is less about expending energy and more about exercising creativity, imagination, and independence. Created with an award-winning architecture and product design studio, Nook’s modern play experiences are centered around engagement and intention, and void of the typical overstimulating elements of children’s play.



At this stage, everyone in the family is learning and growing. With a team of early childhood development specialists, theatre professionals, and parenting coaches, we curated a truly unique set of programs, classes, and workshops that recognize and engage all members of the family.



These are the days. Celebrate the special moments. Our neutral space provides the perfect backdrop for any party theme and style — from the elaborately detailed to the wonderfully simple.

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