We believe there is no time more important than this one.

Nook is a modern family brand. Our mission is to elevate the standard for “family-friendly” by bringing world-class design, quality and intention to spaces where young families play, learn, and celebrate.

We believe that there’s no time more important than this one: from the disorienting highs and lows of baby’s first year, the rapid-fire succession of toddler and preschool milestones, to our growth as parents balancing family needs with our own. So we set out to create thoughtful spaces that reflect the importance of this time.

Absent the overgeneralization and overstimulation of the typical “family-friendly” scene, Nook’s play and learning experiences are centered around design and engagement. We created our play spaces, programs, and online resources in collaboration with a multi-talented team of designers (product, graphic, interior), early childhood development specialists, child psychologists, and parenting coaches. The result is a play and learning experience that all members of the family will not only find enjoyable and enriching, but also empowering.

 Within our spaces you’ll find a community of brands, organizations, and people who are similarly focused on bringing quality and intention, design and artistry to family life.  You are writing your family’s story, we want to help you discover the pieces that punctuate it.