If a customer is inquiring about a specific date, go to our Celebrate page, click on “SAVE THE DATE” button. Choose the party type/location, where you will see the available dates. Reservations can be made up to 100 days in advance.

Direct all other inquiries about reservations to our Celebrate page ( (or refer to the FAQ on the Celebrate page). For more specific inquiries, have them email


Party hosts are permitted to set up at the start of their rental period (usually one hour before the start of the party). They cannot begin set up during open play hours/while other customers are still in the space.

Party guests are not permitted in the play space before the party unless they would like to pay admission.

Introduce yourself to the host as a resource throughout the party.

Offer to help them keep track of time and/or navigate the flow of the party.

Make sure they’re aware of things you cannot do: serve food or beverage (especially alcohol), decorate (let them know that you have to stay at the front desk), or babysit.


Greet guests and make them aware of our rules (no shoes).

Check-in with party host every half hour to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Give the host a polite 15 minute warning that the staff will begin cleaning up shortly.

Remind the party host that we will take care of all clean up; party hosts are only responsible for removing from the space anything they would like to keep/take home — all left over items will be thrown away.

There is a 30 minute grace period for wrapping up parties. Guests who remain in the space beyond the grace period will be charged (please notify us when that’s the case).

Refer to the closing checklist to close the space.