Celebrate FAQ

I am interested in celebrating at Nook. What is included in the rental fee?

The rental fee includes private or semi-private use of the space. Food, decor, and entertainment/facilitated activities are not included in the space rental fee.

I understand that Nook is designed for children ages 0-5. If a child over 5 attends my party, will they be allowed in the space?

Yes, children over 5 are welcome in the space. However, for semi-private parties, when Nook is open to the general public, we will not allow children over 5 to play in the play space. This is to maintain the safety of the younger children in the play area. For private parties, we leave it to the party host to decide whether or not they would like older children engaging in play.

I have several non-walking babies attending my party. Should I include them in the guest count?

Any child who will be seated at the children’s party table, i.e. requiring his/her own chair, should be included in the guest count.

How much time do I have for set up/clean up?

Included in the 3 hour rental time is 1 hour for set-up. We provide 30 minutes for clean-up at the end of the party. All deep cleaning will be performed by Nook staff; party hosts are responsible for removing anything that may have been brought into the space that you would like to keep. We will take care of the rest!

What help can Nook staff members provide during my party?

Nook’s staff members will be present during the party to welcome guests and to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the play space. They are not responsible for decorating, providing entertainment or facilitating activities. Under no circumstances can Nook staff be asked or expected to serve food or beverage.

Can I serve alcohol at my party?

Yes, alcohol is permitted in the space for adult consumption only. Under no circumstance can Nook staff be asked to handle or serve alcohol.

Are outside entertainers (i.e. balloon artists, clowns, etc) welcome into the space?

Yes, outside entertainment is welcome in the space for your celebration. Please inform Nook before the date of your event.

Can I hang decor on the walls?

Yes, but only wall-safe materials can be used on Nook’s walls (i.e. command strips). You will be charged for any damage to the walls resulting from your decorations.

Are decorations allowed to go up anywhere outside the designated party room?

We ask that all decor remain inside the party room.

Does the “No Shoe” policy apply to parties?

Yes, we ask that all guests take off their shoes once they enter the space. We recommend notifying and reminding your guests of this rule before the party occurs.

When is the remaining balance for my party due?

For private parties, the remaining balance must be paid at least 14 days before your party date. For semi-private parties, admission fee for each child guest 5y and under ($20/child) must be paid at least 14 days before your party date.

More Questions?


For party inquiries, please email celebrate@playatnook.com. We look forward to celebrating with you!