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We’re teaming up with Manhattan Toy Company to bring you a one-of-a-kind immersive play experience of their most beloved toy collections. For a short time, you’ll have the chance to see what happens when a play space that sets out to elevate the standard for family-friendly joins forces with a toy company that recognizes that “we are profoundly influenced by the toys we play with.”

Manhattan Toy Company x Nook launches at Nook Ballston Quarter on Monday, July 8, 2019 and will be available to experience for a limited time.



The little company called Manhattan Toy recognizes that we are profoundly influenced by the toys we play with.

That in every little pair of hands lies not a marketing opportunity, but a chance to positively affect the future.

That having a sense of humor means the difference between enduring life, and enjoying it. If it doesn’t contain a wink and smile, it isn’t worth making.

We remember every day that every invention on this earth was dreamed into existence.

We remember that the most powerful thing any of us play with in this life is our imagination.
— Manhattan Toy Company


Come in and experience Manhattan Toy Co’s wide range of toys that focus on play-based learning and elevated design.