We are huge supporters of Colugo’s mission to help families “feel confident in taking on the adventure of parenthood.” Most of us agree that cabin fever sounds a lot more manageable than having to lug all the kid gear around.

Our friends at Colugo get it and so they designed a line of strollers, carriers, and accessories that are super streamlined and easy to use on the go.

So pack them up and get out there! Don’t you find that it’s always worth it in the end?


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When Colugo founder, Ted, and his wife found out that they were expecting twins, they were so delighted by the news and excited for the adventure of getting to raise a family. They were also excited to gear up—to them, it meant the opportunity to learn about fun new products and discover innovative new brands in the kids space. It’s important to them to feel that emotional connection. So naturally, they were very enthusiastic to find a baby brand that we could have the same relationship with and that they felt “got us.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. They went to one of those big-box baby stores, and as soon as they walked in, they were surprised at how disappointing and overwhelming it all was. The hundreds of strollers lined up against the wall, all with slightly different features and hefty price tags, the linoleum floors and wide aisles to test them out in (not close to a ‘real’ environment) , no return policy...the list goes on. The products were overpriced, the features were lacking, and the customer experience was subpar. At the end of the day, they were left feeling as if they overpaid for products they weren’t even sure would work for them and the brands that sold them felt out of touch with today’s parents (either too dated/cutesie or too unapproachable/luxury-oriented).

When Ted started to build Colugo, he found through research and his own personal experience as a father, that too often, parents feel like brands simply aren’t listening to them or anticipating their needs. Parenthood is tough as it is, but shopping for the right baby gear shouldn’t be. At Colugo, they are directly responding to parents’ biggest pain points by offering great quality for a fair price, designing a great customer experience, and building thoughtfully-designed, easy-to-use products—all of which is done using their approach they like to call, “innovation through simplification.” They focus on everything you need, nothing you don’t.

We built the kids’ products company we wished for when we were gearing up. As parents ourselves, we know what it’s like—navigating aisle upon aisle of products, hunting for quality that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and after all that, still being unsure if you made the right choices for your family.
— Colugo

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SAVE $20 off Your entire order minimum purchase of $125.00


| expires 12/31/2019 |
*valid for first-time customers only