We’re all about discovering the little things that make every day life beautiful.

We love Uprise Art because they help you discover original and accessible art for your every day spaces.



At Uprise Art, we believe that collecting art is not just a purchase, it’s an experience.

Our founder Tze Chun started the gallery in 2011 when she realized that art was one of the last industries to move online and that galleries were for the most part opaque, intimidating, and hard to navigate.

She built a space online to discover works from emerging artists for your home or office. When our collectors receive their one-of-a-kind work of art, they are creating a relationship with an artist and becoming a patron of that artist’s practice. Our team of in-house art advisors also help collectors (free of charge) find the perfect artwork for their homes.

We’re really dedicated to showcasing original art that once it’s in your home, you’re able to see the texture and materiality and you build a much more intimate relationship with that piece.
— Uprise Art

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