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Parenting Picks on Amazon


In the wake of Amazon Prime Day earlier this week, we are tackling the topic of great finds on Amazon for families.

Whether you’re our Community Manager, Jeri Choi, who marked Prime Day as a holiday on the family calendar, or Maria Vogelei, Co-Founder, who treats everyday like Prime Day, odds are that as a parent today, you have come to rely on the convenience of Amazon.



This one is small — it hardly takes up any counter space and can make a waffle really quickly.
quick meals and no oil mess!
We use these instead of dryer sheets. They cut down on the drying time, are natural fabric softeners and they’re reusable!
Turn any night into karaoke night! Take the microphone on road trips and it’ll completely change the way you sing kids’ songs in the car.
This zapper catches any bug that flies! But be warned: the zaps are loud.


How I pack for a family of 5 in one carry-on suitcase.
I swear it works!
I never leave the house without a sufficient variety of snacks to offer to diffuse the hangries.
Makes clean up less ugly.
Perfect for keeping them busy at a restaurant or on an airplane.