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Sunscreen for Kids


With our inaugural Thursday Thoughts post, we asked you what was top of mind as we kicked off the summer. And as the temperatures were rising, you were needing to find that ideal sunscreen for your kids. We dug into some research, and asked our community for feedback, and here is what we found.




The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is the leading organization that researches, reviews, and verifies sunscreen and other products that can impact our health.

Every year, the EWG publishes a Guide to Sunscreens, highlighting the ingredients that are safe and effective, and explaining why some ingredients require further studies.

You can review the Executive Summary to their 2019 Guide to Sunscreens for more information.

Our featured Sunscreens for Kids below have all been verified by EWG.




1. thinkbaby SPF 50+

This is what we use - greasy but works
Our fave and the cheapest price is on Amazon. Also, it’s the same formula as the sport!
Goes on thick but not chalky. 3 Bahamas vacations & never a sunburn!
Made both my husband and my’s skin break out uncontrollably but fine for kids
Allergic to most sunscreen & been using the adult one for yrs love! No white haze either

2. Blue Lizard

Amazing! My kid has never gotten burned wearing this
It’s the same formula as “sensitive” so buy whichever is cheaper.
Works great and I like that the bottle changes colors to show you how strong rays are
Yes! My son has allergic reactions to most sunscreens, but not to this one. It’s great!
This is also great for peanut and tree nut allergies, although we use the sensitive skin one!!
Using it now at the beach. Best at blocking the burn but goes on thick.
My favorite but make sure you get the water resistant kind because not all types are.

3. AVEENO Baby Continuous Protection SPF 50 

Perfect for my daughter’s sensitive skin. Not too thick.
Has a drying effect on my little guy’s sensitive skin
I use this one for my son who has eczema! It’s very creamy and he has never been burnt!

4. Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

We like this one! Rubs in easily and keeps our son untouched by the sun
Fav over think baby
No complaints here and I have a very pale very sensitive skinned toddler

5. Babo Botanicals Baby Skin SPF 50

I purchased this to use on A this summer! I’ve read great reviews