Nook Classes

With a team of early childhood development specialists, theatre professionals, and parenting coaches, we curated a set of classes and workshops that recognize and engage all members of the family. Our programming acknowledges that at this stage everyone is learning and growing, so we balance a focus on early childhood development milestones with attention to your growth in the role of parent and caregiver. And we make sure it’s fun too!


Program Descriptions


Pop Culture Play List

What’s the band or song that when you hear it brings you back to your carefree, younger self? What’s that tv show or movie that reminds you of a time when your biggest stressor was counting down the days until summer? From Backstreet Boys to Boys II Men, Saved by the Bell to Spice Girls, Nook is bringing back the pop culture of your youth with a twist: your kids. In this 3 class series we’ll rediscover a pop culture moment through the eyes of our little ones, with stories, songs, movement, and crafts. It’s a chance to be a kid with your kid. Press play!


Off the Page: Stories IRL

This is not your regular story time. Designed by Nook’s resident early childhood development specialist and led by theatre-trained instructors, Off the Page explores social-emotional skills through a combination of stories and dramatic play. Story characters and themes come to life through music, movement, and make-believe, giving children the opportunity to work on skills for regulating behavior and emotions, showing empathy for others, developing confidence, and other key social-emotional themes.  Parents/caregivers will walk away with actionable tips on how to expand on the lessons at home.


Prepped: Preschool Preview

It’s hard to imagine they’ll be in school soon. Just yesterday they were learning to crawl, and now they’re on the brink of their ABCs. How do you prepare them for the transition to school? How do you prepare yourself? This 6-class series, designed and led by an early childhood development specialist, prepares toddlers for classroom routines, independence, and group participation. In each theme based class, we recreate the typical preschool classroom and schedule, with circle time, free play, snack time, music and story time. The series also includes a parenting-coach led workshop where caregivers will receive advice and strategies to help prepare for the real thing, guidelines on how to discuss the transition with your child, and tips on dealing with emotional drop-offs and school resistance.


Babble Buddies

What a time. All of a sudden you’re in charge of raising a human. It’s intimidating to know that you’re on the hook for all the major milestones that make up their first year. Where do you even begin? Start with Babble Buddies. A facilitated playgroup for babies and parents in their first year, this class provides a comfortable space for caregivers to connect, learn about their child's development, and ask questions. Led by an early childhood development specialist, babies will practice new skills and socialize with new friends, while parents/caregivers have the chance to build a network of friends who are also navigating the highs and lows of this incredible first year.