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Nook is a play and learning space for the modern family. At Nook we believe there is no other phase in your family’s life more special than this one: from the excitement and trepidation of pregnancy, and the disorienting high and lows of baby’s first year, to the rapid-fire succession of toddler and preschool milestones. So we set out to create a space that celebrates, values, and supports the entire family throughout this extraordinary time.



For children aged 0 to 5, Nook offers a calming, sensory-friendly space to engage the type of play that is less about expending energy and more about exercising creativity, imagination, and independence.. Our play-based learning space is divided into several different "nooks", each with its own play theme (art, building, imaginary, sensory), which change periodically throughout the year.

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Our classes and workshops, led by early childhood development, pre/post-natal, and parenting experts, provide an opportunity for the entire family to learn and grow.



Nook is available for celebrations of all shapes and sizes: our neutral design provides the perfect backdrop for any party theme and style — from the elaborately detailed to the wonderfully simple.


We put as much thought into what happens outside of Nook as what goes on inside. We choose our locations based on proximity to premier restaurant, retail, fitness, and entertainment options for the whole family. So you can combine play and learning with a meal, an errand, or even a work out!

Our current locations include:


Nook Mosaic

Now Open


Nook Ballston

Coming Soon


Founders’ Stories


Maria Vogelei

“I was frustrated with the play space options available to my daughter and me. They all seemed to speak in outdated generalizations: pinks, blues, and brightly colored plastic toys crammed in loud, chaotic spaces. I often found myself standing against a wall, counting down the minutes that would justify the cost of admission. Having struggled for years to start a family, I didn’t want to be sidelined for my daughters’ experience of play. This time is so special and fleeting and important not only to my kids’ development, but also to my growth as a woman and a mom—so I set out to create a space that would allow me to truly cherish this stage in our family’s life.” Maria holds an MBA from Georgetown University. She is the mother of three.


Seo Yun (Sy) Yang

“I spent much of my adult life agonizing over my education, my career choices, and career development. I thought the birth of my first child would be just another step, another milestone. Instead, my transition into new parenthood was life-altering—becoming a parent stretched my understanding of joy, but I also found it disorienting and isolating. Outside of my home, there was no space or experience that understood my reality as a new mom, but also saw me as a modern woman. I wanted to create a space and community where parents are people, too… because ultimately, kids thrive when the whole family thrives.” Sy holds an AB from Harvard University and law degrees from Columbia and McGill. She is a mother of two, with another one on the way.


Ben Mickus

“From a very young age, I was always surrounded by creativity. Both of my parents were constantly putting me in situations which stimulated my curiosity and my desire to learn, by drawing, building, and experimenting in every possible medium. I am quite certain it was this creative stimulation that led me to architecture and design. Now, as a practicing architect and parent myself, I am keenly interested creating stimulating, multi-sensory experiences where kids can not only learn and grow, but find joy and excitement in the process. The mission of bringing thoughtful design to play holds tremendous potential, where parents and their children can participate together in a custom-designed environment, meant to serve as a catalyst for imagination. Ben holds a B.Arch from Cal Poly and an M.Arch from UCLA. He is a father of two.

Media Coverage

From national publications, including Red Tricycle and Parents Magazine, to local news sources, such as The Washington Post’s Going Out Guide and Arlington Magazine, Nook has been featured for its unique approach to children’s play and parties.

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