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Hello, we’re Nook.

Nook’s mission is to make space for the modern family to play, learn, and celebrate. We’ve updated the traditional generalizations of the play and learning industry (pinks, blues, plastic toys, and cartoons) and replaced it with an experience that is thoroughly modern and void of the typical overstimulating elements of the traditional “family-friendly” scene. With our play spaces, family programs, and online content, we’ve created experiences centered around design, engagement, and intention.


Welcome to DISCOVER

Discover at Nook gives digitally native brands the opportunity to bring their products offline and into Nook’s experiential play space setting. Nook’s team will work with you to create a custom partnership package that will advance your strategic objectives: from brand awareness and customer acquisition, to content development and R&D.


How It Works

Discover Partners can choose from a list of partnership benefits to develop a package that aligns with their strategic objectives.


1. Brand Awareness

Families walk into Nook ready to play and engage. Parents trust that Nook will offer activities and toys that are curated for them. Our spaces offer an opportunity for them to experience new brands, and often engage with them in a social setting with other families. This is the ideal setting for organic engagement and brand discovery.

Sponsored Nooks: Product Placement
Nook’s play spaces are divided into several different “nooks”, each with a different play theme. Nook’s merchandising team will work with the partner to develop a branded experience in their nook. Nook’s team will also create custom signage for the nook that can include: the story behind the partner’s brand, developmental and learning benefits of the toy(s), parent tips on how to use the toy(s) to engage children, and purchasing information.

Featured Class
Nook, in consultation with our team of instructors, will create a dedicated class or class series featuring the partner’s toy(s). Best for toys with a specific developmental or learning component, the class(es) will be led by an early childhood developmental specialist. Digital and print material giving more information on the toy(s)/brand and tips on use outside of the classroom will be distributed to parents and caregivers attending the class.

Digital and Social Media Promotion
Nook will dedicate 2 social media posts, one email blast, and one blog post organically featuring the partner’s brand and products.


2. Customer Acquisition

Once a Nook visitor has already had an opportunity to engage with a partner’s toys or been exposed to their brand, they are primed to engage directly with the partner. Nook’s marketing team can help the partner attract and engage customers, wherever they may be in the sales funnel.

Co-branded Campaigns
Nook and partner will co-run a campaign to drive email sign-ups and social follows.

Nook Customer Discount
Nook will drive customer sales with a special discount code or offer exclusive to our customers.

Affiliate Program
Nook participates in various affiliate programs and will place partner’s brand on our Discover web page with links to purchase.


3. Content Development

We understand that marketing a digital brand requires high-quality, diversified content. Nook’s marketing team is equipped to create visual and editorial content that organically features the partner’s products in an experience designed specifically for play.

Whether it’s lifestyle, product, or flat lay, the Nook marketing team will produce a portfolio of high-quality photos that feature the partner’s products.

Nook’s team will art direct and produce video content in various forms, including but not limited to: Boomerang shots for social media, animated GIFs, stop-motion clips, video reviews of the product, and 30-second brand awareness videos.


4. Research & Development

Learning from customers and end-users is critical to product development, as well as developing a market strategy. Nook’s play spaces are a natural environment for R&D and play testing.

Customer Surveys
To gather customer feedback on the partner’s toy(s), the Nook’s team will distribute a short customer survey that can be completed by parents/caregivers onsite. Incentives for completing the customer survey, such as product samples or discount codes, can also be incorporated. All of Nook’s play space staff will be trained to encourage customer survey participation. Survey results will be compiled and delivered to the partner monthly.

Nook’s Audience

Nook’s brand was designed for the young, modern family — specifically the millennial parent searching for an experience for the whole family that is well-designed, engaging, and intentional.

Customer Demographic Profile

  • Age for Parents/Caregivers 28-45; Children 0-5

  • Average Household Income: $150,000

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

In-Store Reach

Nook’s current flagship and satellite spaces are located within mixed-use developments in the greater Washington DC market, alongside big box retail (Target, Macy’s), boutiques, restaurants, and fitness concepts.

  • Ballston Quarter (Arlington, VA)

    • Projected In-Store Traffic: Average 1,000 unique visits from families per month

    • Projected Overall Retail Center Foot Traffic: (forthcoming)

  • Mosaic District (Fairfax, VA)

    • In-Store Traffic per month (#families): Average 520 unique visits from families per month.

    • Overall Retail Center Foot Traffic: Average 30,000 visits daily.

  • Average length of visit ~ 2 hrs

Online Reach

  • Email ~ 4100+ subscribers, 33+% open rate, 4.5% click rate

  • Instagram ~ 3500+ followers, on avg 42,000 weekly impressions

  • Facebook ~ 1200+ followers

  • Website ~ 34k+ monthly pageviews

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