Acuity is our customer management platform and what customers use to register for play/classes/events and what we use onsite to check customers in. See the Acuity Manual for a how-to guide.


We use Square for onsite transactions, party reservations, and gift card purchases/ redemptions.


We use Deputy for team schedules (assigning shifts) and for clocking in and out.

Team schedules: Team schedules will be published on the 15th of every month. It is your responsibility to let the manager know what days you are not available in the upcoming month(s), otherwise we’ll assume that you can keep the same hours each month. In the instance that a shift is added to your schedule, the manager will let you know.

How to clock-in and out:

  • When you arrive at Nook, be sure to clock in by clicking “start shift” on your assigned shift time.

  • When you leave, be sure to clock out of your shift. It will only allow you to clock out once you are within a few yards, so be sure to clock out while you are still in the building.

  • You will need to download the Deputy app or you may log into the Deputy website.

  • If for some reason you are doing work off-site, you can still begin an “unscheduled shift” wherever you are. Be sure to clock in and clock out when beginning and ending your task.

  • Mention what your offsite task is in the comments section (you will see the comments section once you click “end shift.”)


Payroll is done through Gusto. Paychecks are directly deposited every other Friday.

Make sure your banking information is always up to date. You will be able to edit your information at any time.

Your W-4 form will be available to download on Gusto when the time comes. You may also access all your paystubs on Gusto’s website.