Sick Days/Changes in Schedule

If for some reason you cannot make it to your shift, let us know as soon as possible. The monthly team schedule will be posted every month on the Deputy scheduling app — you can find another team member to take your shift/switch shifts with you. If you cannot find someone to cover your shift, please let the manager know as soon as possible.

Late Arrivals

If you know that you are going to be late arriving to your shift, call ahead as soon as possible so you can coordinate with the person onsite. If you are opening, please call the manager as soon as possible.

Over Time

There will be instances that you will require you to work beyond your shift end time (parties that run late, team members who run late). In those instances, please make sure you clock-out accordingly so that the hours are reflected in your paycheck.

Snow Days/Inclement Weather

Nook will follow Arlington County/Fairfax County Government on delayed openings/closings. Your safety is our primary concern so if you do not think you can make it safely, even with the delay, please let the manager know right away.

Dress Code

All staff are asked to wear the aprons provided onsite. Remember that you represent the Nook brand and you will be interacting with families and children; please dress accordingly. 

Laptop/Phone Use

There will be times when we’re not busy and you’ve done everything there is to do on the checklists. In those instances, you are permitted to use your laptop and/or phone. Use your best judgement. A good rule of thumb: if there are more than 5 people in the space, it’s probably best to keep your laptop/phone out of sight.