Mission/Vision: Nook is a modern family brand. We believe there’s no time more important than this one. So we’re on a mission to elevate the standard for “family-friendly” by bringing world-class design and artistry, quality and intention to spaces where young families go to play, learn, and celebrate.

What this means for the team: Creating a high-end customer experience is your #1 priority. The level of service we provide should go beyond expectation. We should always look for opportunities to create memorable, “special moments.”

Some ideas for creating memorable moments:

  • Remembering names of/something notable about customers who are regulars.

  • Recognizing opportunities to help a parent who noticeably has their hands full.

  • Providing suggestions or recommendations about toys, books, Nook neighbors.

Visual Brand: Nook’s signature design is clean, modern, luxe, and void of the typical chaotic, overstimulating elements of traditional children’s spaces.

What this means for the team: Maintaining the look and feel of a clean, organized, and relaxed space is your #2 priority. Every customer, no matter what time of day they walk in, should have the same first impression of Nook every single time.