Featured: Northern Virginia Magazine | April 2019

In the April 2019 issue of Northern Virginia Magazine, Nook is featured as a modern play space for kids in Ballston Quarter!

It all sounds like a standard morning for parents of little ones looking for something to pass the time. Except, instead of blaring kid-friendly music, there was Motown on the speakers. Instead of plastic pink and blue toys, the shelves featured a curated collection of sustainably sourced ones. And instead of a wild patterned rug to hide the inevitable stains, a neutral gray rug lined the 3,500-square-foot space.

Welcome to playtime for today’s modern parent.

We are hitting on a time where people are not accepting what is just given to them anymore... We are at a time where people are saying, ‘I want more, I want better for myself’… Nook is about that. It’s about saying, as parents, you all deserve more. You don’t have to accept the pinks and the blues and the overstimulation. This is a place for you, too. It’s about raising your hand and saying, ‘I want more and I deserve more as a mother, as a father, as a caregiver,’ and that’s what we’re hoping to create in this space.
— Maria Vogelei

Thank you for the wonderful feature. The April 2019 issue is available on newsstands and online.